Gartner’s Top Insights for the
C-Suite 2018-2019: Human Resources

Mobilize your HR function for digitalization

Digital disruption of HR

Employees are becoming disgruntled with the large gap between the digital consumer experience and their experience at work. HR executives are facing the task of supporting digitalization initiatives that improve workforce performance while also improving employees’ personal work experience. HR leaders must understand that HR in today’s age is not simply about technology but about creating a better employee experience that is enabled by technology.

Reskilling the workforce

As digitalization causes organizationwide changes, the skills that employees need to perform in today’s workforce are also changing. This is causing concern among employees, who are worried about their skills becoming irrelevant. As organizations respond by investing in reskilling initiatives, learning and development (L&D) teams play a critical role in upskilling employees as quickly and effectively as possible. However, the approach employed by most L&D functions of providing continuous learning opportunities is not working and leaving employees overwhelmed. 

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