Information Technology

Data & Analytics Series: Exploit the Data Ecosystem for a Competitive Advantage

| 1 hour

Rapidly evolving market dynamics and technologies enable the formation of new data & analytics ecosystems. However, data and analytics leaders struggle to design and implement analytics technologies that can be properly governed and meaningfully integrated into decisions. Even when that lofty goal is achieved, the work is never done as leaders manage the continuous generation of business value through consumption and iteration. This complimentary webinar, part of a data & analytics leadership series, will share how leaders can develop new operational frameworks and organizational designs to optimize the productivity of distributed analytics talent and generate new analytics value centered around innovation, agility and resilience enabled by the cloud.

Discussion Topics:
  • By 2023, ease of migration, interoperability and coherence will be deciding factors in 90% of data science, machine learning and AI buying decisions
  • By 2024, organizations that lack a sustainable data and analytics operationalization framework will set back their initiatives by up to two years
  • By 2024, enterprises that primarily build applications leveraging a data and analytics ecosystem will outperform competitors

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Hosted by

Rita Sallam

Distinguished VP Analyst

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