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Shape Your Marketing Organization for Success and Adaptability

| 1 hour

The global pandemic and resulting economic uncertainties renewed interest for marketing teams to refresh their organizational structures. This enabled them to adapt short-term changes and prepare for longer-term business needs and new ways of working. However, marketing teams that select the wrong organizational structure risk profound damage. Moreover, any changes place greater stress on employees .Employees suffering from change-related stress perform on average 5% worse than non-change-stressed employees, translating to a $32.5 million hit to the bottom line per $1 billion in revenue. This complimentary session will help marketing leaders determine the right organizational structure and the best ways to ease their employees’ stress in times of change.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Identify the right organization structure and possible tradeoffs based on business needs
  • Get organizational buy-in for a proposed organization structure change and/or refresh
  • Help marketing employees maintain their standards of performance during times of change

Hosted by

Alex De Fursac Gash

Director, Advisory


Emmett Fitzpatrick

Sr Principal, Advisory

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