Create a Reliable Account Planning Strategy to Drive Growth

| 1 hour

Globally, sales leaders face a constant challenge in unlocking the value of account planning. While sales leaders push their teams to create account plans at the start of the fiscal year, sales team outputs are often mixed at best. Some sellers develop account plans to satisfy management. Other sellers develop account plans but put them on hold until the same time the following year. Meanwhile, some other sellers don't develop plans at all. Despite sales leaders recognizing the value account planning can bring to strategize around top growth opportunities, they are frustrated by the mediocre uptake among their teams. Sales leaders need to reconsider their strategy and recognize that a holistic account planning strategy is needed in order to drive commercial growth. Join this complimentary webinar which covers the actions sales leaders must take to guarantee that this year's account planning efforts are not unsuccessful.

  • Understand why account planning initiatives fail time and time again

  • Explore steps to create a strong account planning strategy

  • Get to know how to build an organizational account planning culture

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Hosted by

Daniel Hawkyard

Sr. Principal, Advisory


Shiela Rahimian

Director, Advisory

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