Information Technology

Impactful Storytelling: Enhance Your Value & Influence

| 1 hour, 5 minutes

Leaders across the enterprise need to make storytelling a more integral part of their skillset. According to Gartner, 73% of organizations say it is important to effectively communicate IT performance. Yet, few IT organizations know how to effectively share and report their performance to senior executives. In fact, the issue is not limited to IT; it’s a two-way dilemma. Yet, how do you create narratives that will resonate with stakeholders and customers, and build your influence? Join this complimentary storytelling webinar to find out how leaders across the enterprise can better convey your message internally and externally. You will discover the five principles of storytelling, and find out why you need to tell two different types of stories – enhancing your business value stories with a human value story. 

  • Increase your influence with better storytelling
  • Discover the 5 principles of effective storytelling
  • Tell 2 different types of stories to increase your influence

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Hosted by

Bruce Robertson

Distinguished VP, Advisory

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