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Ask the Expert: The Gartner Cloud Strategy Cookbook 2022

| 1 hour

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Organizations that create a cloud strategy gain the most from their use of cloud computing. However, CIOs and vendor management leaders struggle with one question above all: How do we build a comprehensive cloud strategy? More organizations are adopting a "cookbook approach" to building a cloud strategy, a one-service-at-a-time method. Join this free cloud webinar, as Gartner expert David Smith looks at cloud computing offerings on a spectrum, the cloud strategies of the megavendors, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM, and how you can devise your winning recipe for cloud strategy success. He will take the most-pressing cloud strategy questions from you and your peers.

Discussion Topics:
  • Is a cloud cookbook relevant if all workloads are on a single public cloud?
  • Should you consider going product by product, rather than workload by workload?
  • What are the typical business KPIs aligned to cloud adoption?

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Hosted by

David Mitchell Smith

Distinguished VP Analyst