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A step-by-step guide to bringing innovation back to your company.

While many large, established companies count their years of experience in the field as a benefit, what they often don’t see is that the clearly defined procedures and beliefs embedded in the culture can hamper creativity. This is particularly dangerous when dealing with industry newcomers, who often use ignorance of what is generally considered impossible by industry insiders to create products and services that no one has considered before.

“Digital transformation challenges established and trusted business models, allowing complete outsiders to storm into previously unassailable markets,” says Bard Papegaaij, research director for Gartner’s Office of the CIO group. “And while the newcomers do not hesitate to redefine entire markets and rewrite the rules of engagement, established organizations often find it hard to think outside the boxes of their collective experience and deep cultural belief systems.”

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However, reframing how people approach innovation can be accomplished by adjusting how they think about the ingrained industry “knowns.”

The infographic below includes step-by-step instructions on how to disrupt status-quo thinking with a 90-minute workshop. The graphic also includes examples of how Insurance Company X applied the steps for its own digital disruption.


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