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Gartner Reprints
Make Marketing Matter with Gartner Research

Provide more value to your customers and prospects with unbiased Gartner research that supports critical business decisions. Gartner Reprints allow you to use objective Gartner content in its original format to validate your messages and strengthen your relationships with client decision makers.

Available in both paper and electronic formats, Gartner Reprints can enhance your marketing campaigns with valuable, timely insights into the latest trends in your market space.

Gartner Reprints are one of the most powerful and cost effective tools that can be utilized in marketing campaigns to help validate key messages, or as an educational tool for customers, prospects, or the sales force.

There are endless ways you can integrate them into your current marketing and communication programs.

  • Powerful leave behind on sales calls
  • For direct mail initiatives
  • To raise awareness on key IT topics
  • As valuable content for your web site
  • For distribution at trade shows and events
  • For product positioning