Gartner Recognizes the Top University Supply Chain Programs

Global supply chain leaders consistently name talent as the number one short and long-term risk to achieving their business goals. The Gartner Supply Chain University Top 25 is a biennial program that assesses undergraduate and advanced supply chain degree programs in North America.

Our research shows that chief supply chain officers (CSCOs), heads of supply chain strategy and supply chain HR leaders who work closely with university partners are more successful with recruiting and hiring quality talent. This research identifies program strengths and gaps through the lenses of industry value, program scope, and size.

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  • The ability of executive teams to forecast the future of their competitive environments, markets and value chains is diminishing, on an almost quarterly basis. This new normal is resulting in a constantly escalating expectation from hiring companies that graduates from top supply chain programs will be ready.

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  • Supply chain leaders value real-world exposure and experience as much as classroom-based and virtual learning. They also place a premium on an integrated understanding of global supply chains. Our supply chain university rankings weight the student experience and breadth of exposure over pure academic content.

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  • As supply chain organizations' span of control has expanded, so have expectations for the supply chain role. Today's supply chain professional is expected to be fluent in functional supply chain disciplines and processes, but also understand end-to-end impacts and be able to be a strong business partner.

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