The Gartner Chief Data Analytics Officer (CDAO) Agenda Survey for 2023 shows that the most successful CDAOs outperform their peers by projecting an executive presence and building a strategic data and analytics function in an agile, repeatable, persistent way. 

Download this eBook to understand how the CDAO role is evolving, what drives CDAO organizational and team success across three perspectives:

  • Presence. CDAOs must have an executive presence, only 30% are committed to their own professional self-development.
  • Persistence. Forty-four percent of D&A teams have increased in size, but talent shortages and lack of resources/funding continue to hinder success. CDAOs must foster the organizational capabilities/competencies for strategic decision making in an agile, sustainable and resilient manner.
  • Performance. Forty-four percent of D&A functions are effective at providing value to the organization. But for many, delivery against goals for future-term growth and sustainability are lagging. CDAOs must shape data-driven business strategy to operationalize and deliver measurable stakeholder value. 

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