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While on a data transformation journey, AstraZeneca, a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company, shifted its focus to enhanced innovation and sustainable growth as it delivers life-changing medicines to patients’ needs and societal values. Gartner Consulting helped AstraZeneca embed data science, digital and artificial intelligence (AI) across its R&D function and various therapy areas, which helped its scientists uncover critical insights and speed up the discovery, development and delivery of potential new medicines to patients.

Mission-critical priority

AstraZeneca was aiming to harness data, digital and AI to transform the way it discovers and develops new medicines, and to achieve scientific breakthroughs. Central to this was AI application and shaping of an innovative and responsible environment, in which AI could thrive. It was not just about the technology powering the innovation but about empowering the people who deliver it to ensure they put principles to practice, and that both people and machine embody AstraZeneca values.

How Gartner helped

Gartner collaborated with AstraZeneca to formulate its Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics Vision, Guiding Principles, and Governance Framework using Gartner external perspective and expert guidance. Gartner experts helped formulate each of AstraZeneca’s data strategies, visions and roadmaps for maturing its capabilities. Gartner also supported AstraZeneca to invest in capabilities and collaborate across the business to ensure that every decision is data-driven.

Business impact

With the support of Gartner, AstraZeneca was able to: 

  • Provide its scientists with unprecedented access to connected analytics-ready data
  • Uncover new insights to deliver life-changing medicines
  • Speed up the discovery, development and delivery of potential new medicines to patients



$25.8 billion


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I really value the collaborative approach, the external perspective anchored in research, and the extra horsepower that Gartner has brought us.

Peder Blomgren

VP and Head of Data Office, R&D, AstraZeneca

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