Unleashing Innovation Through Harnessing the Value of Information

A Government-owned organization responsible for developing and maintaining a core part of the strategic and critical infrastructure invests more than $7 billion every year on average. With this scale of investment, the client is always looking to be innovative and drive efficiency in its delivery to provide the greatest possible value for the money for the taxpayer.

Mission-critical priority

The client wanted to better understand how the information assets it had collected and used could be leveraged to generate business value. Once this was understood, the case to invest in the data and analytics capability had to be made to enable the release of the business value.


How Gartner helped

After a series of consultations with Gartner, the client was able to demonstrate the link between the use of quality data and business outcomes. The client further developed its ideas by actively participating in discussions on understanding the value of data with members of a Gartner Peer Forum. 

Finally, with the use of Gartner research and advice from analysts, the client was able to establish a digital innovation laboratory.

Business impact

Working with Gartner, the client was able to: 

  • Secure a significant increase in its budget, which provided the resources needed to unlock the value of its data, while ensuring that this was a proportional spend through the benchmark data provided

  • Deliver over $70 million in cost savings through the innovations and improvements that resulted from the extra investment; this  provided an excellent return on the initial investment


Over $7 billion

Over 4,000

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