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Afraz Jaffri

Director Analyst

Afraz Jaffri is a Research Director at Gartner, where Mr. Jaffri focuses on Analytics, Data Science and AI. He advises Data and Analytics leaders on making the most from their investments in modern data science, machine learning and analytics platforms. He has particular focus on how to organize analytics and data science teams, implementing graph-based data management and analytics solutions and developing best practices for operationalizing machine learning models.

Previous experience

Mr. Jaffri worked as a Management Consultant for over a decade, advising clients on business intelligence, analytics, data science, and AI strategy and implementation. He delivered a number of enterprisewide analytics solutions including self-service dashboards, data science platforms and AI applications with responsibility for business case development, architecture and functional roadmaps.

Professional background


Senior Consultant





Areas of coverage

Data and Analytics Leaders

Analytics, BI and Data Science Solutions

Data and Analytics Programs and Practices

Artificial Intelligence


B.Sc., Computer Science, University of Southampton, 2:1

M.Phil., Computer Science, University of Southampton

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to take advantage of key trends in analytics and data science?

2How to evaluate and select the right modern analytics and data science platforms?

3How to introduce and optimize data science and machine learning capabilities for analytics solutions?

4How to use artificial intelligence in an organizations goals?

5How to prepare an organization to shift from piloting and early projects to stable and strategic use of analytics & data science across the organization?