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Alex De Fursac Gash

Sr Director Analyst

Alex de Fursac Gash is a Director for Gartner's Marketing (GML) Advisory team, serving marketing executives in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this role, Mr. Gash facilitates a wide range of executive-level discussions and in-depth problem/solution analysis for heads of marketing and their teams at Fortune 500 organizations. His responsibilities include: advising marketing leaders on their functional objectives, sharing best practices and providing strategic guidance. Supporting senior leaders and their teams to plan and implement a number of initiatives (including needs-based segmentation models, customer journey mapping etc.). Helping clients to drive internal consensus and promote their functional initiatives, and facilitating workshops and delivering Keynote speeches at both company events and special multicompany conferences.

Previous experience

Prior to joining CEB, now Gartner, Mr. Gash primarily focused on Strategy Consulting and Financial Services. He started his career working with the Credit Derivatives trading team at JP Morgan before moving into Management Consulting. With Capco and BearingPoint, his experience included a variety of projects including change and organizational management, and market entry and digital strategy engagements in the financial services, energy and retail sectors.

Professional background


Senior Consultant


Senior Business Consultant

JP Morgan

Senior Analyst

Areas of coverage

Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

Content Marketing and Management

Customer Acquisition and Retention


Master's Degree in Business Administration, ESADE Business School (Spain)

Bachelor's Degree in Politics, the University of York (U.K.)

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How can we differentiate our brand in the digital age of today? (B2C especially, but also B2B)

2What are the key elements of a great content marketing strategy?(B2B especially, but also B2C)

3How do we deliver more personalized marcomms that generate commercial benefit? (B2C especially, but also B2B)

4How can I improve our demand generation performance/SQL rates/MQL conversion rates?(B2B only)

5How do we reconcile our multi-channel strategy with evolving customer needs in the digital age of today? (B2B/B2C)