Gartner Expert

Caroline Chumakov

Sr Principal Analyst

Caroline Chumakov is an analyst on Gartner's Supply Chain Enablers team, covering supply chain talent strategies, centers of excellence, and gender equality. Ms. Chumakov works with supply chain leaders on how best to attract and retain top talent and speaks to what talent strategies and organizational structures may address the gaps in supply chain capabilities. She also specializes in assisting clients to develop and deploy supply chain centers of excellence (both functional and cross-functional in nature). Within this space, she also speaks to effective project and change management for centers of excellence.

Previous experience

In her prior role, Ms. Chumakov assisted in facilitating advisory requests from Supply Chain and Industry Leaders with the appropriate Gartner analysts in order to help achieve their mission-critical priorities.

Areas of coverage

Supply Chain Strategy, Leadership and Governance (retired)


B.S., Biology, Purdue University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How do I design and implement a strategic supply chain talent strategy?

2How do we elevate the supply chain profession to attract and retain top talent?

3How do we design and deploy a supply chain center of excellence?

4How do we manage and facilitate change in the organization?

5How can I communicate effectively and build or improve my relationships within the organization?