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Gareth Herschel

VP Analyst

Gareth Herschel is VP analyst at Gartner with too many years of industry experience. At various times he has researched the role of analytics in improving the customer experience as well as how organizations can work with service providers. He is fascinated by the role of analytics and psychology in decision making, and passionate about helping organizations intentionally design the way decisions are improved. His current research focuses on the alignment of data and analytics with organizational culture and decision making.

Previous experience

Previously, Mr. Herschel trained as a Business Analyst in finance and logistics. Since joining Gartner, he has covered a variety of research topics. Was the Agenda Manager for the Analytics Research team and is a frequent keynote presenter for the Data and Analytics conference.

Professional background


Business Strategy and Modeling Analyst


Logistics Analyst

Areas of coverage

Data and Analytics Programs and Practices

Artificial Intelligence

Executive Leadership: Data and Analytics

Chief Data and Analytics Officer Leadership

Build Trust and Mature D&A Culture


Business Administration, University of Bath, England, With Honors

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What is the business benefit of customer analytics?

2How does organizational culture affect the role and adoption of analysis?

3How can organizations increase customer retention and drive customer engagement?

4How can analytics help organizations make better decisions?