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Zack R Hutto

Director Analyst

Zack Hutto serves as a Director of Advisory within Gartner's Legal and Compliance Practice. In this capacity, he currently advises General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers, and Heads of Legal Operations on an array of issues related to their department technologies, ranging from the execution of needs assessments and the creation of technology strategies to the management of the people and process changes required to deliver returns on technology investments.

In addition to advising individual clients, Zack also leads Executive Retreats, where clients representing different organizations see Gartner's latest research; discuss shared challenges; and plan for opportunities to adopt best practices.

Previous experience

Prior to his current role, Mr. Hutto helped general counsel address their most pressing department management operations challenges by applying proven best-practices from leading in-house legal departments.

In addition to providing consultative advice to key stakeholders, Zack led interactive workshops with individual legal teams to make progress in specific areas including identifying key risks; streamlining processes, analyzing and realigning workloads; building critical skills; and creating strategic plans for the department.

Previously, Zack scoped and managed research projects with clients covering a range of issues (including, but not limited to, launching records management programs, streamlining contract management processes, and improving team productivity) by defining and clarifying objectives, identifying key stakeholders, setting milestones, and guiding work streams to their conclusion. He also managed a benchmarking diagnostic from concept to deployment, analyzing over $600 million in law firm fees for 17 companies, delivering $29.9 million in cost savings opportunities to clients in the first year.

Professional background


Senior Executive Advisor

Areas of coverage

Legal and Compliance Technology and Analytics

Legal Operations and Department Management

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Developing a legal department technology strategy and roadmap

2Diagnosing in-house legal and compliance challenges that require technology v. personnel or process changes

3Resolving personnel and process barriers that diminish technology ROI

4Building data and analytics programs for in-house legal and compliance teams

5Managing changing legal and compliance risks that result from corporate digital transformation