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2023 CIO Agenda: A Banking Perspective

Explore how your peers in the insurance industry are investing in tech to deliver on digital initiatives.

2023 CIO Agenda: An Insurance Perspective

Turn skeptical business executives into advocates with a food supply chain value story that demonstrates the impact of data and analytics. Learn about common mistakes and the three steps for success.

Define and Map Cryptocurrencies, Digital Currencies and NFTs to Future-Proof Your Digital Transformation

In this research, we assess adoption paths and the relevance and viability of digital assets. Financial services CIOs can then use that understanding with executive colleagues to determine whether or not to pursue opportunities in this new area, and what capabilities are needed to compete.

As we progress through the next era of uncertainty and turbulence, financial services organizations must future-proof themselves to grow revenue while optimizing for cost.

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The Gartner Predictions for 2023: Strategies for Financial Services

Gartner predicts that banks who are successful with ESG will create definitive measurements that will prove to customers, regulators, and themselves they can affect change in a positive way. Join this complimentary financial services webinar as Gartner banking and insurance experts reveal what comes next for financial services and how you can take advantage of the opportunity.

How Financial Services CIOs Can Build Leaders’ Digital Dexterity

Financial Services CIOs and IT Leaders must take steps for leaders across the organization to define and expand their digital ambitions and abilities in order to build and operate a successful digital enterprise.

Get insights into how to build digital dexterity across your financial services organization.

Digital-Outcome-Driven Metrics for Insurance

Insurance industry competition is fierce, as insurance companies reset their strategies for a postpandemic economic recovery. Never has it been more critical to ensure that IT spending is targeted for optimal business value and that measurement of business objectives and outcomes is inextricably linked to technology ones.

In this research, we provide both a framework and example metrics for increasing the value of IT investments and creating KPIs for insurance CIOs.

Embedded Finance Is Driving Innovation and Differentiation in Banking

Bank products and services have historically been a means to an end, enabling customers to transact and consume services that they need to live.

However, that status quo is being disrupted, as financial services are embedded at the consumption level.

Bank CIOs can use this framework to better understand embedded finance and prepare technology infrastructure to support new threats and opportunities.

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