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Operations needs to lead the enterprise, not just manage the back office

In an environment characterized by faster change and greater uncertainty, 80% of financial services executives are increasing IT, digital and product investments to transform their firms. To accelerate these efforts, operations leaders must embrace change and shift the function's role from a process executor to an empowered, customer-centric growth enabler.

Reimagining the "new" role of operations, from a reactive operations function that approaches change as a means to minimize disruption to clients, to an empowered operations function that anticipates and uses change to create client value
Becoming customer centric [to enable growth] is like adopting a new religion. You have to change everything that you do, not just the tools and practices. It is changing the hardware, software, essence and soul of everything.
Senior Operations Executive, North American Asset Management Firm

How we address your top challenges

As customer expectations continue to evolve, operations must both support and inform more customer-centric products and services. Gartner can provide robust benchmarks, tactical tools and peer-sourced best practices to help you execute initiatives that support firm success.

Client Experience and Journey Transformation

Seventy-four percent of operations leaders prioritize delivering a consistent customer experience (CX), but less than half are confident they can do so. Gartner can help you improve confidence in CX decision making with research on successful CX-ROI modeling.

Operational Excellence and Cost Optimization

Nearly 60% of operations leaders will have adopted robotics by 2020. Gartner can provide you best practices and insights to make your robotics governance more agile and adaptable for long-term success.

Talent Management, Leadership, and Culture

One-third of operations leaders say their employees are not prepared for the future, especially as the function becomes more automated. Gartner can help you manage change and improve employee capabilities with proven communication and training strategies.

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