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Two-thirds of commercial banking leaders say that their digital strategy is underdeveloped. Executives are ill-equipped to navigate or lead needed changes, however. Only 31% are confident that they can overcome legacy systems and ways of working to evolve the current go-to-market model.

A Crisis of Confidence: A bar graph displaying the percentage of commercial banking executives indicating "high importance" and "high confidence."
I had to present a business case to the CEO to re-engineer servicing for the small business segment. Gartner gave me the data, benchmarks and best practices to develop a successful proposal. I’m in the process of implementing that strategy now.
SVP, Business Banking, North America

How we address your top challenges

More than 50% of financial services purchases now take place exclusively online, when business clients are buying from a new provider. To achieve ambitious revenue goals, bank leaders must bring the best of digital and RM capabilities to interactions with prospective clients. Gartner can provide you robust benchmarks, validated RM performance benchmarks, tactical tools and peer-sourced best practices to help you make informed decisions that accelerate revenue growth.

Go-To-Market Strategy and Execution

Only 31% of commercial banking leaders have confidence that their organizations can quickly or effectively overcome legacy processes and systems to adapt to needed change. Use Gartner's proprietary analysis to identify the strategies and focus areas that best lay the foundations for scaling digital initiatives.

Client Experience and Journey Transformation

Today’s empowered customers want more from a product experience and expect the bank to deliver business outcomes that extend beyond an RM interaction. Use Gartner's proprietary analysis and tools to refine your digitally informed product and delivery strategy.

Talent Management, Leadership and Culture

Only 8% of current RMs possess all the needed competencies to be successful in the bank of the future. Gartner can support and accelerate the changes that banks must make now to foster RM success in the future.

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