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More than 50% of senior retail banking executives are urgently trying to improve customer experience to keep pace with market expectations. However, insufficient data capabilities, legacy systems and competing urgent priorities prevent them from obtaining relevant customer insights and delivering high-impact, innovative products.

top five most urgent problems facing line of business: customer experience not on pace with expectations, legacy systems prevent delivery of right products and services, data capabilities preclude relevant customer insights, struggle to prioritize projects and investments, innovations are slow to market
Gartner helped me identify and build consensus around what technology investments and strategies would best accelerate our efforts to acquire and retain customers.
SVP, Retail Banking

How we address your top challenges

Eighty percent of retail banking leaders say a poor customer experience is an important problem to solve, but only 30% are confident they can address it. Gartner can provide robust benchmarks, tactical tools and peer-sourced best practices to help you make informed decisions that accelerate customer experience improvements and growth.

Client Experience and Journey Transformation

Seventy-five percent of retail banking executives struggle to prioritize across many projects and investments. This can be especially challenging for customer experience (CX) initiatives with unclear ROIs. Effective CX models link customer behaviors to granular, relevant and adjustable operational variables.

Talent Management, Leadership and Culture

Retail banking has been at the forefront of the significant change that financial services has been undergoing for the past two decades. While change is nothing new, the pace and magnitude of industry-level change is accelerating. In response, retail banking business leaders must help their organizations react and adapt more quickly.

Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution

Retail banking leaders face increased pressure to optimize customer experiences for both general consumers and small businesses. Gartner's analysis of four small business owner types can help you tailor interactions based on their distinct behaviors and preferences.

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