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Five success factors of effective thought leadership marketing

Thirty-seven percent of Gartner-surveyed technology buyers cited receiving thought leadership content from a solution provider as the most preferred approach to learn about new technology solutions from a vendor.

Technology marketers considering the development of a thought leadership marketing (TLM) program can use five critical success factors to evaluate readiness for, and execute on, a TLM program.

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    Driving both product marketing strategy and execution

    As a high-tech product marketer, you wear multiple hats to help drive growth from prospects and customers. You need to create differentiated positioning, develop compelling stories, enable the sales team and partners to achieve success, and help drive demand generation and account-based marketing programs.

    A technology product marketer is often the ‘glue’ of the go-to-market team, engaging with numerous internal and external stakeholders. Maintaining the status quo is not an option.

    Todd Berkowitz

    MVP, Gartner

    How we address your top challenges

    Gartner experts are former tech product marketers, and we work with more than 2,000 high-tech clients each year. Through best-practice research, benchmark and buyer data, and actionable advice, we enable success across all phases of the technology buying and owning cycle.

    Go-to-Market Strategy

    Understanding the market and buyer dynamics that drive purchase interest for your products and services is critical for go-to-market success — and therefore growth. You need insights about the markets, competitive landscapes and buyer dynamics that can be combined with proven practices to improve your planning and segmentation efforts.

    Messaging and Differentiation

    An increasingly dynamic and noisy market, coupled with the tech buyer’s fluid approach, means that messaging must be relevant, clear and compelling to capture and retain attention. You must develop effective messages that will inherently attract ideal buyers, convince stakeholders and accelerate sales cycles through compelling stories. 

    Demand Generation

    Building awareness, creating and nurturing opportunities, and prompting engagement through a deliberate content strategy are essential to grow revenue. Technology product marketers must develop inbound and outbound strategies that fuel account-based and traditional demand generation programs.

    Marketing Impact

    Technology marketing programs must encompass the entire customer life cycle to meet retention and growth goals. To make an impact, tech marketers must effectively enable their sales teams while improving the customer experience, facilitating customer success and developing advocacy.

    Marketing Agility

    Proficient technology marketing leadership is essential to impact business results. You must allocate budget, organize and manage the team, enlist stakeholder collaboration, implement technology, measure performance, and apply agile marketing methodologies to rapidly adapt.

    Gartner Priorities Navigator™ for Product Marketing Teams

    To meet aggressive growth and retention goals, technology and service providers need a deliberate and consistent approach to product marketing. Gartner Priorities Navigator™ for Product Marketing Teams outlines the top challenges facing product marketing leaders and how to advance your key initiatives to drive growth, including:

    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Messaging and differentiation
    • Demand generation
    • Marketing impact 
    • Marketing agility

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