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Supply Chain Planning (scp)

Supply chain planning (SCP) is the forward-looking process of coordinating assets to optimize the delivery of goods, services and information from supplier to customer, balancing supply and demand. An SCP suite sits on top of a transactional system to provide planning, what-if scenario analysis capabilities and real-time demand commitments, considering constraints. Typical modules include:

  • Available/capable to promise
  • Sales and operations planning/integrated business planning
  • Collaborative planning (including forecasting and replenishment)
  • Vendor-managed inventory/direct point of sale
  • Event planning (promotion, life cycle)
  • Demand planning
  • Inventory planning
  • Production/factory planning and scheduling
  • Distribution planning (unconstrained, distribution requirements planning [DRP] and deployment)
  • Strategic network design
  • Inventory strategy optimization (simultaneous, multitiered)
  • Supply planning (optimized, DRP and deployment)
  • Production/multiplant capacity planning (master production scheduling, rough-cut capacity planning)

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