C-Suite and Board Presentation Templates for General Counsel

Improve board performance and inform corporate strategy with board presentation templates

General counsel often have as little as 30 minutes each quarter to focus directors’ attention on key legal and compliance issues, and many struggle to conduct streamlined presentations on their organization's top risks and controls. In fact, 56% of legal leaders don’t feel equipped to provide fast, risk-tolerance-aligned legal advice.

But in the digital business era marked by accelerated business change and legal uncertainty, general counsel possess a strategic perspective and cross-functional visibility critical to corporate success.

Use our sample templates to execute a clear and decisive board presentation on the strategic, legal and reputational considerations your organization faces. 

Board Presentation: Corporate Culture

Deliver an effective board presentation on your company’s culture, primary drivers of a strong culture of integrity, and next steps for risk mitigation and management.

Board Presentation: Sexual Harassment

Create a custom board presentation on your strategy to prevent, address and manage incidents of sexual harassment.

Board Presentation: Privacy Failures 

Facilitate a discussion with your C-suite and board during your presentation about  vulnerabilities that might exist in your organization and learn seven steps you can take to prevent a privacy failure.

It doesn’t end here.

New board presentations on today's most pressing legal, compliance and privacy issues are released quarterly. Additional topics include:

  • Crisis management response
  • Implications for M&A
  • Digital business transformation
  • Customer trust

If you would like to access these presentations or learn more about Gartner for Legal & Compliance Leaders, contact us now.