C-Suite and Board Presentation Templates for General Counsel

Improve board performance and inform corporate strategy with board presentation templates

GCs struggle to provide a strategic perspective

In an era of increased legal complexity and rapidly evolving risk exposures, boards increasingly rely on general counsels (GCs) to play the role of strategic advisors; however, 56% of legal leaders feel ill-equipped to provide quick, risk-tolerance-aligned legal advice.

56% of legal and compliance leaders struggle to provide fast, risk-tolerance-aligned legal advice.

In my role, in any executive role, you have your day-to-day work, but you’re also tasked with being strategic. That’s difficult to do with competing timeframes, with everything else going on. Using Gartner allows me to be more strategic more efficiently, while still getting everything else done.

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Present a streamlined narrative of risk exposures

Boards dealing with increasingly complex exposures and unfamiliar risks turn to GCs for quick, risk tolerance legal advice. Legal and compliance leaders must codify a framework to effectively uncover and communicate strategic, legal and reputational risks businesses must consider to make informed decisions that drive growth.

21% of general counsel time is spent supporting the board, acting as either the corporate secretary or a board advisor.

Insights you can use

Gartner provides the research, insights and tools GCs need to create a framework that uncovers rapidly evolving risk exposures and establish protocols to effectively communicate a streamlined narrative of risks businesses face to inform corporate strategy and improve board performance

Board Presentation: Corporate Culture

Deliver an effective board presentation on your company’s culture, primary drivers of a strong culture of integrity, and next steps for risk mitigation and management.

Board Presentation: Sexual Harassment

Create a custom board presentation on your strategy to prevent, address and manage incidents of sexual harassment. 

Board Presentation: Privacy Failures

Facilitate a discussion with your C-suite and board during your presentation about vulnerabilities that might exist in your organization and learn seven steps you can take to prevent a privacy failure. 

Board Presentation: Corporate Responsibility

Use this template to help you deliver an effective board presentation on the changing expectations of corporate responsibility.

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