Develop an Effective Compliance Program

Build an effective compliance program into business operations to reduce compliance risk and business drag

Report to the board on DOJ compliance program guidance

The 2020 update to the DOJ’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs provides a greater level of detail surrounding factors the DOJ considers when evaluating corporate compliance programs.

Download this board briefing to help your organization navigate these timely changes, increase compliance program effectiveness, and meet regulatory expectations.

Download the Board Briefing

Improve compliance program effectiveness with this board briefing.

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    Now we do an annual enterprise risk assessment and then we do quarterly updates of risk mitigation plans. [...] It has been a singular tool that not only changed our compliance and my comfort in global risk management, but has really affected the business to do their jobs better.

    Sonia Galindo

    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Rosetta Stone, Incorporated

    Misconduct and noncompliance threatens business

    Building a corporate compliance program that can keep up with changing laws, emerging risks and new regulations is increasingly difficult. Only 16% of compliance and ethics leaders feel confident in their ability to add meaningful insights on organizational risk, and less than a third feel confident in their ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of their program.

    Doing More With Less: (1) 74% of compliance programs expect business demand for their services to increase in the next 24 months. (2)Two-thirds of compliance executives expect their budgets to remain flat or decrease in the next two years.
    Build compliance activities into business operations: (1) Design to be part of business workflow; (2) Coordinate with related assurance activities; and (3) Assess for burden and integration.

    A better way: Build an effective compliance program into the business

    To be impactful, compliance programs must be built into the operations of the business rather than functioning as a separate process tacked onto employee workflows and systems. Gartner helps compliance and ethics leaders reduce business drag by designing effective programs, assessing performance, and developing the right staff skills and partnerships.

    Compliance program insights you can use

    Gartner research provides crucial insight on corporate ethics and compliance with best practice templates and tools to help you build a solid compliance program that minimizes compliance risks and operational drag on the business.

    Develop and promote a healthy culture of integrity

    The cost of getting culture wrong is high, and many long-held assumptions on corporate culture are proving wrong. Use this infographic to sense-check your understanding of how to build a sturdy compliance program, empower employees and influence company ethics. 

    Reduce business drag with a built-in compliance program

    Typical compliance activities function like “bolt-ons” — an unsustainable approach. Download this research report to learn how a built-in compliance program reduces business drag and increases program impact.

    Key questions for your functional partners

    Similar assurance activities cause unnecessary burden on employees. To avoid this, before launching new compliance initiatives, compliance must first understand functional partners’ activities and use that knowledge to identify areas for closer cooperation. These are the questions you should ask.

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    Compliance program management: Advancing a culture of integrity

    Chief compliance officers and senior executives need to work together to nurture the right corporate culture and develop effective reporting channels. With over 10% of employees having witnessed misconduct in the past year alone, it has never been more imperative for businesses to build a strong compliance program. 

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    Gartner’s legal and compliance experts combine industry experience with research expertise. Meet a few of our leaders.

    Drew Tanenbaum
    Director, Advisory

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    Director, Advisory

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    Sr Director, Advisory

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