Build Compliance Into Operations

Reduce business drag and increase compliance program impact

New risks increase pressure on compliance leaders

Compliance executives have traditionally focused on expanding coverage of their activities to all necessary risks — layering compliance activities on top of business workflows and systems. But bolt-on compliance programs create burdens for the business and are easier for employees to avoid, limiting the program’s impact and effectiveness.

To ensure impact with limited business drag, compliance programs must be built into the operations of the business. This means becoming a part of operations rather than functioning as a separate process tacked onto employee workflows and systems. 

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Insights You Can Use

Collaboration is key

To improve your compliance program, you must first understand your functional partners’ activities and identify areas for closer cooperation. Ask your partners a set of key questions to create visibility and assess feasibility.

Build compliance into the workflow

To reduce business drag and increase program impact, it’s critical for compliance to become part of the standard workflow. Achieve this with three changes to your compliance program. 

Assess program performance

The pace of corporate change is leading to higher business demand, yet compliance budgets are flat or even decreasing. It’s hard to do more with less, especially without a clear action plan to help compliance identify and execute on the trade-offs it must make to best support program goals.

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