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By 2025, large organizations will require relationships with more than 4 legal technology vendors. Widespread disruption has forced general counsel to prioritize legal tech and legal automation in order to manage increasingly complex demands.

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    The most valuable resources from Gartner are the tactical tools backed by expert support to help us make our department more effective and think through strategy and department structure.
    Chief legal officer, healthcare organization

    Legal departments can’t keep up with new demands

    Rising workloads, ever-shifting business priorities and a volatile risk landscape create new strain and greater complexity for already thinly stretched legal teams. In fact, more than 90% of legal departments foresee workloads increasing in the next two years. Legal technology is one way to manage demand, but lack of know-how means most legal leaders are slow to invest in legal technology.

    90% of legal departments foresee demand for legal services increasing in the next two years. 30% of this new demand will not be satisfied given the forecast capacity growth.
    More than 50% of legal departments that have adopted new legal technology report limited ROI.

    Align pain points to legal technology solutions

    Legal leaders often let vendors control their legal technology strategy, investing top dollar in solutions that don’t actually solve business needs. Successful legal technology adoption starts with a clear understanding of department needs and rigorous prioritization of where to invest first to receive the strongest returns and increase efficiency. 

    More than 50% of legal departments that have adopted new legal technology report limited ROI.

    Legal tech insights you can use

    Gartner provides the insights, tools and advice legal departments need to make smart legal technology investments with confidence, develop a long-term legal technology strategy without the vendor hype, and fully realize the power of legal technology to automate workflows and increase legal department efficiencies that enable business growth.

    5 Legal Technology Trends Changing In-House Legal Departments

    Gartner legal technology trends show legal leaders where to capitalize on legal technology investments to drive business outcomes.

    Plan Your 2022 Investments with Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Corporate Legal Tech

    The Gartner Hype Cycle for Legal and Compliance Technologies helps legal and compliance leaders calibrate technology investments between the more established platforms, and the emerging capabilities that can help them meet their rising demands with limited added headcount.

    Build enterprise capacity with a new legal operating model

    Legal departments are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of the business and the increase in legal service demand that comes with it. Gartner can help you get ahead of this challenge by making three necessary changes to your service, delivery and sourcing processes. 

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