New Chief Compliance Officer

The resources and tools you need for a fast start in the chief compliance officer role

New chief compliance officers struggle with demands

New chief compliance officers face an overwhelming number of tasks during their first few months. When making the leap to a new position, almost half (46%) of executives across all functions underperform. At a time when the compliance department is challenged to effectively manage the risks of modern business, new chief compliance officers need to find their feet fast and lead boldly.

Approach compliance risk management differently

Chief compliance officers who empower the wider business to own compliance risk succeed on two fronts: They free up space for strategic work which supports business growth and drive employee ownership of compliance risk, ultimately leading to better risk prevention and mitigation.

How we address your top challenges

Gartner’s research provides crucial insights on the compliance function as well as best-practice templates and tools to help you make a fast start in your new role as chief compliance officer. Use our resources to assess the current state of the function, map out next steps and implement your plans confidently.

Accelerate your transition as a new-to-role CCO

New chief compliance officers face an overwhelming number of tasks during their first few months. The solution? Building a detailed plan. Use the insights, advice and other tools included in this 12-step guide to make an impact in your new role.

Focus on the compliance areas that matter most

Compliance leaders are searching for ways to improve their department, but competing priorities leave them wondering where to focus attention, time and money. Use our key activities map to build the right plan for your function and the wider organization.

Report to the board on corporate culture

Your first board presentation is a chance to set out your vision for the function. Use this customizable template to lead an effective board discussion on company ethics and culture, and outline next steps for compliance risk mitigation and management.

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