Customer Journey

Creating meaningful real-time customer interactions

Derive value from customer journey maps- the foundation to build CX success

30% of organizations have established their customer journey maps but struggle to use them effectively.

CX leaders have long understood the value of customer journey maps yet many still find it challenging to incorporate customer journey maps into their overall customer experience (CX) efforts.

Use our 3-step action plan to:

  • Establish foundational CX elements in place first
  • Create actionable, accurate customer journey maps
  • Derive value from your journey maps

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Maximize the impact of your CX strategy and meet customer expectations

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    Align customer journey maps with overall CX efforts to drive business outcomes

    Almost one-third of organizations still find it challenging to incorporate their customer journey maps into their overall CX efforts. While marketing leaders have long understood the value of customer journey maps on customer satisfaction and loyalty, many still find it hard to incorporate them in their CX initiatives.

    To create value-driven customer journey maps that are aligned with the enterprise-wide CX initiatives, marketing leaders must master foundational elements such as securing buy-in from key stakeholders, assessing the need and availability of data sources, and an in-depth understanding of buyer personas.

    Graphic outlining the customer journey process: Assemble the right team, acquire the right information, and build or use the right personas.

    Strategic insights on customer journey you can use

    Gartner insights and advice help marketing leaders create accurate and actionable customer experience strategies that alleviate journey maps to deliver an exceptional customer experience and drive business growth.

    Taking the Initial Steps Toward Customer Journey Mapping

    What are the preliminary steps to creating a customer journey map? Watch Cassandra Nordlund, Director, Advisory, Gartner for Marketers share the key steps to successful customer journey mapping.

    CMOs: Time to Be More Customer-Centric

    Marketing leaders must focus on identifying customer needs and objectives before channels, loyalty and customer relationships to build stronger, more sustainable customer relationships. Discover a framework  to create a clear, customer-centric value statement that influences your customer journey maps.

    Customer Journey Questions Gartner Can Help Answer

    A customer journey map is a tool that helps marketers understand the series of connected customer experiences that customers desire and need — whether that be completing a desired task or traversing the end-to-end journey from prospect to customer to loyal advocate. It helps boost customer understanding and improve customer-facing decisions.

    Below are the key steps to build an effective customer journey map:

    • Decide on the customer journey that you want to map out

    • Assemble a team of 10 to 15 individuals that are knowledgeable of or who influence the chosen customer journey

    • Together, use a customer journey map to write out the steps the customer goes through within that journey

    • Then at each step, identify what the customer is expecting, thinking, feeling, and with which touchpoints the customer is interacting

    In order to create value driven customer journey maps, CX leaders should avoid:

    • Creating a Generic Customer Journey Map

    • Building the Customer Journey Map Through an Insular Process

    • Trying to Include All Touchpoints in the Customer Journey Map

    • Underemphasizing the role of customer emotions in the journey mapping

    How Gartner Helps With Customer Journey Mapping

    Customer journey mapping is critical to being successful as an organization and to understanding your customers better.

    Cassandra Nordlund

    Director, Advisory, Gartner

    How do we help build a roadmap to optimize customer experience

    Consumers energy realized that to optimize customer experience, it needed to improve the usage of their customer data and analytics. Using Gartner research and expert advisors, Consumers energy was able to develop a strategic roadmap to build an in-house customer-data-driven environment and incorporate analytical rigor into their business processes.

    Read full story on how Gartner helped Consumers Energy

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