Daily Insights

A Candy-Colored Commercial

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 21, 2020

To keep fans entertained during the Coronavirus pandemic, M&M tapped into the adult coloring book trend. The candy brand released its own virtual coloring book to hold a competition showcasing fan’s completed pages. Fans can color in the photo online, where they then submit their finished artwork for a chance to have it featured in a new commercial set to air in June. Each page of the coloring book corresponds to a frame in the new advertisement, with the finished book representing the brand’s marketing message of togetherness. M&M is advertising the coloring book on Instagram, where it has one of the highest engagement rates among food brands, according to a Gartner report

Activities including adult coloring books and jigsaw puzzles have had a comeback during the Coronavirus pandemic as people move more towards tranquil activities to pass time. M&M’s new push merges the creation of a coloring book with a video advertisement. The commercial highlights the tiring reality of being stuck at home during the pandemic, but highlights the opportunity it provides to color to your heart’s content. By taking picture submissions from across the country, the candy company could increase engagement with a wider audience. A surge in comfort food sales—candy in particular—combined with an empathetic ad message could also help the brand stay top of mind with consumers. 

M&M’s wholesome, at-home craft is the latest goodwill effort during the Coronavirus pandemic. Echoing sentiments of togetherness has become a routine for brands, but M&M’s hallmark as an American comfort candy could help it reach and resonate with more consumers looking for familiarity during this time.