Daily Insights

A Pioneer of Pedals

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 30, 2020

Though Harley-Davidson is known for its fast and furious motorcycles, the brand releases a new model that’s less about energy and more about exercise. 

The new Serial 1 Cycle from Harley-Davidson is an electric, wheel-powered city bike that will launch in the U.S. and Germany beginning next spring. The e-bike will roll out four different models, ranging in price from $3,399 to $4,999, and include different speed and design variations. Included in the lineup is the Mosh/City bike, which can go up to 20 miles per hour, and the Rush/City Speed bike which can go even faster. The bikes are designed to look “unmistakably” Harley-Davidson-esque and will feature the brand’s logo on the side. 

To keep with the tech theme of its e-bike, Harley-Davidson will also release a mobile app to pair with the vehicles. The app can be paired with a rider’s smartphone to sync data and speed, among other features. Like the bike, the app will not launch until the spring of 2021, and will be bluetooth capable and work on both Apple and Android devices. The high tech announcements could help Harley-Davidson reach younger consumers in urban areas, particularly as bikes grow in popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic. With many consumers shifting away from public transportation and embracing “healthy” lifestyles, bike sales and interest have surged. By releasing an electric, city-friendly bike, Harley-Davidson could now appeal to these sustainably-minded and health conscious consumers and boost its presence within populated areas, according to a Gartner report.

Though Harley-Davidson reigns supreme in the motorcycle industry, the traditional cycle industry could introduce steeper competition. Not only have classic automakers, like BMW and Jeep, begun crafting electric bikes, but notable cycling brands such as Trek and Specialized have already staked out a claim in the electric industry with their own battery-powered bicycles. Nevertheless, Harley-Davidson’s storied history in the motorcycle industry and recognizable name could drive interest in its newest product and boost its image as an innovative company staying on top of consumer trends. 

With the Serial 1 Cycle, Harley-Davidson can combine the power of its motorcycles with the eco-friendly features currently demanded by consumers. By tapping into the bike riding trend that has seen exponential growth this year, Harley-Davidson could appeal to a new audience of riders and drive fresh enthusiasm for its brand.