Daily Insights

A Snapchat Sandwich

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 17, 2019

Jimmy John’s has launched a new Snapchat game in honor of the release of its new “Little John” sandwich. The release of the game and its corresponding commercial marks the biggest advertising execution the company has undertaken in recent years.

The sandwich chain is adding the $3 sandwiches to its menu permanentlythe first major change made since the company began in 1983. The Snapchat game will let users play for thirty seconds at a time in a race to catch as many sandwiches as they can. The augmented reality mobile game allows users to snap selfies on the app while playing by having the sandwiches overlay on the screen. Users can snap pictures during the game and send them to other Snapchat friends and invite them to play as well. This is the largest digital push the company has made as yet, in an attempt to reach younger consumers. Currently, Jimmy John’s is one of the only fast food chains to not have a digital loyalty program, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic. 

Jimmy John’s has also paired its new sandwich push with a traditional advertising approach. The company released a commercial featuring the rapper Lil’ Jon eating “Little John” sandwiches. The campaign will be aired on television and has been uploaded to YouTube as well. 

Although Jimmy John’s has been slow to adapt to the social media world, the addition of a Snapchat game and home delivery service is sure to put it on track with other fast food industry leaders.