Daily Insights

Brands Embrace Benevolence

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 31, 2020

Brands navigating unprecedented terrain during the Coronavirus pandemic are using their platforms for relief efforts. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has left brands on difficult marketing terrain. Nevertheless, companies around the world are adapting to the new reality. How brands respond during this crisis could affect public perception long after the pandemic is over, so it makes sense that in order to preserve consumer trust, brands around the world are stepping up to the plate with relief assistance. 

For example, LVMH Group is donating $2 million to the Red Cross of China, while Kraft-Heinz is donating $12 million to communities across the U.S. affected by the outbreak. KFC partnered with Blessings in a Backpack to bring meals to schoolchildren and sneaker company Allbirds is donating shoes to healthcare workers. In conjunction with outright donations, brands such as Patagonia and Apple promised to continue paying employees while stores are shut, and fashion and beauty brands like L’Oreal and Ralph Lauren pledged to create much-needed hospital products including face masks and hand sanitizer.  

Marketing efforts have not been aborted, but rather turned into philanthropic initiatives. By leaning less on outright marketing efforts, brands utilize their platforms in a way that resonates with consumers without looking exploitative. Inventiveness in the time of crisis helps brands stay top of mind with consumers, as well. Many brands have turned to social media to promote charitable efforts, especially as consumers rely on social platforms more and more to stay engaged while social distancing. Brands now must adjust their digital strategies to keep up with this change in consumer behavior, according to a Gartner report. As the changes set in, it’s crucial brands delicately offer support, particularly as consumers become more hypervigilant.

Companies are using their platforms for good in the name of Coronavirus relief efforts and despite the uncharted territory, brands are quickly proving help is near-at-hand.