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Chicken for Charity

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 27, 2020

KFC is partnering with British charity Comic Relief to raise money through culinary competitions. 

Through the campaign, British celebrities will go head-to-head in recreating some of KFC’s most popular dishes. Each culinary battle will raise money to go towards Comic Relief. The first episode aired on April 21, with two former Love Island contestants trying to create KFC’s famous fried chicken. The battles, called “KFC Clashes”, are broadcast from KFC UK’s Instagram page every Tuesday until May 12, with viewers able to vote on who becomes the “Ultimate Chicken Champion”. The series will air on Instagram Live—leveraging the live feature could help KFC gain organic traction and increase its audience according to a Gartner report.  

KFC and Comic Relief have a history of working together. In 2019, KFC ran a campaign donating 5p to the charity for every bucket of chicken sold across the country. The two companies have extended their partnership to 2022, with KFC aiming to raise £3 million in donations. Comic Relief has also created a “Coronavirus Emergency Appeal” to raise donations for charities giving back to those in need during the pandemic—the funds raised will be distributed to partners across 14 countries. Not only will the cookoff series help raise money for charity, but it provides an opportunity for KFC to stay top of mind with consumers in the UK following all of its stores closing in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

KFC’s cooking contests could provide entertainment to fans across the country who may be inspired to create their own favorite brand dishes, or at the very least donate to charity.