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Chobani Chooses Oats

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 05, 2020

Chobani, the prominent greek yogurt brand, is ousting dairy for oats.

Chobani is focusing on plant-based items for its new product line which will include oat-based milk, coffee creamers, and yogurt. The product launch will coincide with its new marketing campaign, called “Almost Milk”. Chobani has also created an “oat-based dairy alternative” Oat Drink—which will be the main focal point of the brand’s marketing campaign. For “Almost Milk”, the brand is taking a large advertising approach, creating Norman Rockwell-esque ads that will be rolled out in twenty-seven cities on billboards, buses, and public transit. In addition, Chobani has enlisted coffee companies La Colombe and Maman for partnership activations. 

Digitally, the brand will be promoting its new oat products with video commercials on YouTube and Hulu, audio advertisements on NPR and Pandora, and social marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Advertising across the board will allow Chobani to substantially promote its new products at a time when the dairy-alternative market is surging. Chobani’s spot as the highest-scoring perishable food brand in the Gartner Digital IQ Food Index was earned in part by the brand’s ability to continually keep up with consumer food demands—the company launched its “Almost Milk” products following eagerness from consumers for plant-based milk and yogurt. 

In addition to “Almost Milk”, Chobani is promoting another new product, Flip: a classic greek yogurt with a dozen different flavor mix-ins. For this, the food company  is running national television ads while other advertising channels will be dedicated more to the buzzy oat-based products.  

Chobani’s plant-based expansion could bring oat-milk into the mainstream. Giving consumers dietary alternatives may also increase consumer loyalty and give Chobani a chance to expand its target audience.