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Consumer Comforts

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 01, 2020

Homesick Candles is known for its nostalgia-inducing scents and personalized candle holders, and for the second year in a row, it teamed up with Dunkin’ to bring the smell of the donut shops into consumer homes. 

Last year, Homesick collaborated with Dunkin’ on a limited-edition, holiday candle that sold out in two weeks. The brands are now uniting again, this time to offer expanded features such as personalized labels and a new scent. Dunkin’ is selling two candle scents for this holiday season, including Original Blend, which is designed to smell like freshly brewed coffee, and Old Fashioned, modeled after a freshly baked donut. The candles include ingredients found in the food and beverage, including cinnamon, vanilla extract, and espresso beans. To add to the appeal, Homesick lets consumers personalize their Dunkin’ dips with custom labels, which can include a name or message. Anticipating the candles could be given as gifts to Dunkin’ devotees, the brand also encourages adding a recipient’s Dunkin’ order to the label as an added touch of personalization. The candles are online only and can be purchased from Homesick’s website for $34, with an additional $15 added for any personalization. 

Given how quickly the candle collaboration sold out last year, it makes sense that Dunkin’ and Homesick would pair up once again. This year the brands are doubling down on their social media promotions to build hype, including on Instagram where Homesick posted numerous videos teasing the partnership. Dunkin’ also served up its own promotions on Instagram and Twitter, where it encouraged consumers to “grab your favorite scents before they sell out”. Turning to social media to market the scents could build buzz around the collaboration, according to a Gartner report. Additionally, rolling out the candles during the holiday shopping season could further spark sales, allowing Dunkin’ to stay top of mind with consumers outside of its restaurants. As the candles are sold online only, the social media advertisements could help drive consumers to Homesick’s site and help it stay relevant with consumers looking for gifts ahead of the holiday season. 

As consumer demand for nostalgia and comfort foods surges during the pandemic, teaming up with Homesick could help Dunkin’ drive sales in an untraditional way. With the sweet new smells, the restaurant brand could build relevance with consumers at home and turn a limited-edition partnership into an annual candle collaboration.