Daily Insights

Customized Cookies

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 18, 2020

Cookie consumers can curate their own confection with Oreo’s latest initiative. 

Oreo fans can now order their own personalized packs through the snack brand’s website. Using OreoID, customers can choose their own creme colors, toppings, and messages to adorn the top of each cookie. There are eight creme colors to pick from and consumers can also decide whether to dip the cookies in fudge or sprinkles, plus select from different fonts and styles for their personalized messages, such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations”. Fans can purchase gift boxes of the cookies at 24 each, for $52.95. 

OreoID launches just in time for the holidays, with Oreo touting the treats as the perfect gift for friends and family. As the custom cookies are all made to order online, consumers can purchase packs to send to friends anywhere in the country. This could prove particularly enticing during the Coronavirus pandemic, as many people remain separated for the holidays but seek unique ways to stay in touch. By adding customizable options such as messages and pictures, Oreo could intrigue a wider audience, especially as consumers are willing to spend 25% more on a product if it is personalized. Additionally, 90% of consumers find customization appealing, meaning Oreo’s new strategy could serve up a surge in e-commerce sales. With online holiday shopping predicted to grow by 33% this year, holding a fully virtual food campaign could drive traffic to Oreo’s site and boost its digital dominance. 

To promote its personalized cookies, Oreo released a short video on digital and social media showing viewers a host of potential combinations to choose from. The ad could build buzz around the campaign as well as spark conversation online from fans interested in ordering their own gift boxes for the holidays. Oreo is also rolling out additional promotional posts on Twitter and Instagram, where its highly engaged audience is invited to share their custom cookie ideas, which could further spread the word about the push and potentially increase the snack brand’s social following, according to a Gartner report. Running omnichannel advertisements could also help Oreo sustain its snack sales, which rose tremendously early on in the pandemic as more consumers craved comfort food while homebound. 

By offering personalized products, Oreo brings pandemic-proof presents to customers around the country. As families and friends remain apart during the holiday season, launching a customized campaign to help them stay connected could lead to increased sales and loyalty for the snack food brand.