Daily Insights

Jack Daniel’s Canned Spirit

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 11, 2020

Jack Daniel’s is gearing up for the summer season with the release of three new pre-mixed cocktails including seltzers, lemonades, and colas. While the brand has launched bottled cocktails in the past, the new canned cocktails could make the beverages more easily transportable for the summer season—particularly as fans lean into recreating the “summer rooftop” experience while bars remained closed during the Coronavirus pandemic. Releasing a variety of cocktails allows Jack Daniel’s to reach an array of consumer taste buds—its whiskey and cola cocktail is a classic, while the whiskey and seltzer provide a lighter option, and the lemonade, honey, and whiskey cocktail is for those that prefer a sweeter drink. The canned cocktails are available in several states across the country, with a pack of four priced at $13 and single cans at $4.

Jack Daniel’s is entering a highly competitive market as more brands create seltzers to meet consumer preferences for lighter and healthier spirits. By releasing its own type of seltzer—as well as alternative canned options—Jack Daniel’s could connect with seasonal consumers it may not typically reach. Whiskey sales surge more in the fall and winter than spring and summer, according to a Gartner report, so launching an “off-season” product could help Jack Daniel’s amplify a year-round audience. Whiskey imagery also tends to perform well on social media, which could provide a prime sales opportunity for Jack Daniel’s as it engages with consumers spending more time at home and online during the Coronavirus pandemic. The convenience of pre-mixed, canned cocktails could also benefit the brand, as consumer preferences for ready-to-drink beverages have heightened in the wake of the pandemic.

Though this summer may be different than those in years past—due in part to the Coronavirus crisis—Jack Daniel’s is keeping the seasonal spirit alive with its new warm-weather drinks. Supported by a variety of flavors, the brand could connect with multitudes of consumers looking to try something new in the form of a pre-made, refreshing beverage.