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Millennial Men and Women “Like” Brands for Different Reasons

By: Marina Carpintero | Sep 19, 2019

What motivates millennial consumers to follow a brand or company on social media?

The largest percentage of millennial men (58%) and women (62%) respondents to the Gartner Millennial Survey 2019 say they follow brands because the posts are informative.

Beyond information, however, the brand-focused social media motivations for men and women differ slightly. Posts that are thought provoking or interesting motivate the second highest percentage of men to follow brands (52%), while the third highest percentage (50%) simply like what the brand posts.

The second largest percentage of women, in contrast, turn to a brand’s social media presence for inspiration or ideas (57%), and the third highest do so because they like the posts (55%).

Though the differences in behavior between men and women as it relates to brands seem small, when viewed in context with other social media behaviors, they point to larger gender-based distinctions. Men are more likely overall to treat social media as a platform for conversation and to debate ideas. Women are looking for connection and inspiration.

Brands should adapt their approach and messages accordingly when using social media marketing to engage with millennials of different genders. Above all, be true to your brand’s personality and voice in your social media interactions with men and women.