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M&M’s Candy-Coated Zoom Call

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 04, 2021

Zoom became one of the most used and most despised words of the year 2020. Here’s how M&M’s is turning the dreaded Zoom call into the marketing moment you didn’t know you needed.

Super Bowl LV is fast approaching and while several brands are sitting out of this one, many are still hoping to find their viral “dunk in the dark” moment. While viewers typically have to wait until the big event to see what brands have in mind, M&M’s gave fans a glimpse of its commercial, which features people apologizing for a series of mishaps including kicking the seat of the person in front of them on a flight (perhaps for not wearing a mask), mansplaining and then explaining what “mansplaining” is, insisting on hosting an inevitably disastrous baby gender reveal, calling someone a “Karen”, and more 2020-esque incidents, in a Zoom premiere that’s the first of its kind. Though full details about the ad are yet to be unwrapped, the premise is clear: 2020 was a year full of both “oops’s” and “oh well’s”, but a simple pass of a pack of M&M’s can definitely help make things better.

M&M’s, ranked Average in Gartner’s 2019 report, it made its way into the Gifted class with flying colors in 2020. While some of this growth can be attributed to the change in consumer tastebuds throughout the pandemic, the candy brand also kept an eye on trends, and its latest initiative is no exception. Zoom saw mountainous growth in 2020 following office closures around the country. Emotions also ran high and low as consumers faced circumstances like never before, often leading to pent-up aggression, verbosity, and boredom. That said, M&M’s ad, which taps into all these trends in a lighthearted, yet relatable way may hit consumers close to home while also staying true to the brand’s history of humor and fun.

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