Daily Insights

Pizza for the People

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 13, 2020

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Dominos is keeping those in need well fed. 

As part of a new “Feed the Need” initiative, Dominos is donating ten million slices of pizza over the next few weeks. All 6,126 U.S. franchises will be involved and get to determine where the donations would help the most—franchises know their communities best, so it makes sense that Dominos would let them decide. Beneficiaries will include local hospitals and medical centers, individual families, students, and grocery stores. 

While many restaurants have grappled with a decrease in sales during the pandemic, Dominos has actually seen a sales increase. With business booming—delivery in particular—the brand is now hiring more staff to accommodate the rise in orders. As one of the few national brands making out well during the crisis, the “Feed the Need” push lets Dominos give back and continue connecting with fans in a time when many are not doing as well. Dominos has a large and loyal fanbase, leading to its position as the top-ranking restaurant brand in the 2019 Gartner Digital IQ Index: Restaurants—but to further strengthen its bond with customers, the brand is sharing individual’s inspirational stories on its blog—stories highlighting how fans give back during the pandemic. 

Many local communities have helped Dominos thrive during this time. Now, the brand is returning the favor ten (million) fold. Reaching out to deserving individuals is a heartwarming way Dominos can show its customers appreciation and continue to be a comfort during a time when it is much needed.