Daily Insights

Social Media Scavenger Hunt

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 18, 2020

Church’s Chicken hopped on Facebook to send fans on the ultimate digital chase. 

On August 12 Church’s took to Facebook to launch the “Camp Smokehouse Finders Keepers” giveaway, where users could put together a series of riddles and clues for a chance to win free camping gear. The promotion called attention to the kick-off of Church’s virtual campsite, Camp Smokehouse, where users can solve daily riddles online to win real-life prizes. For the Facebook contest, users could view a 360-degree video of a backyard campsite that featured different riddle clues. Participants typed their answers to each riddle, took a screenshot of the video, and sent both to the restaurant via Facebook Messenger to try and win a prize. Church’s held the scavenger hunt for only two hours, giving away grand prizes to the first 25 users that solved the puzzles. 

Holding a contest on Facebook allowed Church’s to use the platform’s targeting technology to connect with millions of at-home consumers turning to social media to feed their need for entertainment, according to a Gartner report. The themed camping content also taps into the rising demand from online consumers for outdoor activities during the Coronavirus pandemic, with the number of people taking road trips, camping trips, and staycations surging this summer. The idea of a branded puzzle also follows a larger trend among consumers turning to old-school entertainment to stay occupied during the pandemic. Brands including Busch Light and McDonalds have also released games, though Church’s can differentiate itself by having its whole game held online for free. Using Facebook, which saw a 12% rise in engagement in June, could extend the campaign’s reach to consumers across the country and boost Church’s following on the platform. The camp-themed campaign also allows Church’s to deviate from the delivery and drive-thru marketing it had been solely focusing on during the Coronavirus crisis, marking a potential return to pre-pandemic advertising. 

While Church’s Facebook giveaway was short-lived, it was enough time to build excitement with fans around its new official “campsite”, Camp Smokehouse. Church’s campaign appealed to social media users looking for entertainment, but could also show how hungry consumers are for outdoor adventure, which could signal a potential fresh marketing trend for other brands looking to serve up new campaigns.