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Top 10 Consumer Electronics Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Aug 01, 2018

As the continued rise of voice technology threatens to undermine the dominance of smartphone superpowers Apple and Samsung, smaller satellite brands grapple with the shifting balance of power. The choice to ally with a single virtual assistant or remain platform-neutral impacts how all consumer electronics brands market themselves. The following ten brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Consumer Electronics best integrate with the evolving customer’s preferred smart technology ecosystem.

1. Samsung
Digital IQ: 146

As the sole brand leading in organic search visibility against unbranded search terms across multiple product categories (TV and computer & mobile), Samsung sets the bar for its peers in this year’s ranking. It is also one of the few brands with versatile multi-criteria sort and filter tools on its product pages. On social media, Samsung manages multiple accounts that cater to different product lines and concomitant audiences, resulting in strong Twitter and Facebook communities. It completes its digital performance with a best-in-class shopping app that includes features few other CE brands employ, such as geolocation, social sharing, and the option to enable notifications.

2. Apple
Digital IQ: 141

Apple’s expansive online presence and web authority grant it visibility across various earned media outlets and the largest share of desktop video advertisements out of all tracked brands. Its unique mobile app provides personalized product recommendations based on purchases and device type while offering streamlined in-app transactional tools. Finally, Apple balances user-generated and professional photos across its social media presence, fostering the second most interactions per post on Instagram specifically.

3. Sony
Digital IQ: 137

Sony soars with a well-optimized product comparison tool on its mobile site, seamlessly directing users to third-party retailers with the option to view inventory availability prior to handoff. Additionally, the brand boasts the fourth largest Instagram community, complete with high interactions per post on the platform. Lastly, Sony reflects the same well-rounded strategy with its website, which offers fluid handoff to third-party retailers, allowing direct access to branded listings on e-tailer product pages while providing a breadth of e-tailer options.

4. Bose
Digital IQ: 134

Bose brings increased convenience for customers seeking assistance on its site with omnipresent live chat on product pages and checkout pages specifically. The brand also exhibits one of the highest shopping ad ranks and visibilities out of all tracked brands in its native category. Bose succeeds on social with the help of paid promotions, generating the fifth most total YouTube views despite a modest subscriber base.

5. LG
Digital IQ: 133

LG demonstrates the highest shopping ad visibility within the TV category and is one of few brands to garner shopping ad visibility across all categories. On social, the brand uses celebrity and micro-influencers to generate the most interactions per Facebook post out of all studied brands. Finally, LG’s innovative mobile site design allows users to interact with tools detailing product specification and appearance.

6. GoPro
Digital IQ: 129

Despite falling to from Genius to Gifted in this year’s ranking, GoPro still impressed with its performance on social media. The action camera brand uses influencers and user-generated content to cultivate the strongest engagement and largest community out of all brands in the index. It posts more frequently than any other studied brand and claims over 50% of Instagram interactions with brands in the ranking.

7. Dell
Digital IQ: 127

Dell is one of the few brands in Gartner L2’s study to have shopping ads consistently rank within the top five ad positions while simultaneously generating significant search visibility. Additionally, it was one of just two brands to achieve above-average visibility in their respective product categories.

8. Fitbit
Digital IQ: 125

Fitbit leads the way for small electronics brands, up nine spots from last year’s ranking. The brand’s extensive guided selling tools demonstrate the extra effort small electronics brands need to exert to clearly explain the setup and maintenance of their connected products. For example, Fitbit’s unique mobile app offers personalized device connectivity and a variety of multimedia, along with transactional tools.

9. Canon
Digital IQ: 124

Canon charges ahead with the second-largest Instagram community among camera brands. The brand’s posts feature camera tutorials, photography workshops, and user-generated content. In the camera category, Canon, along with Nikon, has closed the gap with GoPro, streamlining its site navigation to focus on content-heavy category pages that appeal to the photographer’s eye.

10. Hewlett-Packard
Digital IQ: 120

HP holds a top position in the computer & mobile category. Additionally, it boasts leading web authority backed by strong organic visibility against unbranded category terms.

10. Lenovo
Digital IQ: 120

Lenovo leads as one of the few brands tracked by Gartner L2 that incorporates user-generated content on its product pages. It meets peer HP and gaming brands Xbox and Playstation in a four-way draw with Nintendo falling a few notches below its gaming rivals.

10. Playstation
Digital IQ: 120

Playstation controls the largest share of site traffic from Twitter out of all tracked brands. It scores on social as well, with the largest communities on both Twitter and Facebook, generating the largest share of interactions on Facebook specifically.

10. Xbox
Digital IQ: 120

Xbox makes the cut with the third-largest community and third-most interactions per post on Instagram. Additionally, the gaming brand is one of five in Gartner L2’s study to secure substantial shares of the engagement pie, accounting for more than two-thirds of interactions with category brands on Facebook public posts.