Daily Insights

Vans Foots the Bill

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 10, 2020

Vans created an initiative to “foot the bill” for small businesses being economically ravaged by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Through its “Foot The Bill” campaign, Vans is lending a helping hand to eighty small businesses—including specialty skate shops, restaurants, and music venues—by selling custom-made designs with the profits going to benefit these partners. The brand let the chosen small businesses create and upload their own designs to Vans’ website where they could design either the Vans Classic Slip-On shoe or the Vans Era shoe. When a customer purchases a shoe designed by one of the small businesses, 100% of the proceeds go directly to that small business. The shoes will be limited edition and only sold until they are sold out—Vans will produce 500 pairs of the custom shoes per business partner. 

Vans has tapped small businesses from around the world, including thirty shops in the United States, and is using its social media channels to spread the word. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce shopping for specialty retail was advancing, according to a Gartner report, and since brick-and-mortar stores had to close, online shopping has only continued to increase. With the opportunity to capitalize on the large e-commerce audience, Vans plans to roll out custom designs throughout April. As the international pandemic continues to spread, the campaign could help aid local communities suffering economically. Vans started as a small company in southern California, so it makes sense that the brand wants to give back to similar businesses in their time of need.

Vans is helping bring relief to small brick-and-mortar stores during this challenging time. By working with stores directly impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, the brand is mobilizing its loyal fanbase for goodwill.