2Q 2022

The Chief Marketing Officer

Critical insights for CMOs on customer journey orchestration

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Orchestrate your customer journey to guide your way to success.

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    The Chief Marketing Officer, 2Q22

    Martech stacks are growing in size, and the variety and complexity of customer expectations are steadily rising, but CMOs face the challenge of harnessing technology and data — turning data into tangible gains. From organizations’ increasingly high expectations from marketing technology to responding to customers’ increasing demands, customer journey orchestration is absolutely mission-critical.

    The second edition of The Chief Marketing Officer Journal challenges you to think differently about what the most valuable customer journeys look like, helps you dissect a new creative process that takes deliberate steps to support the type of customer path that will lead to increased sales and provides valuable insights and lessons using cutting-edge Digital IQ data to help you upgrade your approach to responding to, and shaping, customer journeys in 2022 and beyond. 

    Enable an Always-On Marketing Machine to Drive Journey Orchestration 

    Creating a seamless customer experience across all channels is a major undertaking that requires a shift from managing campaigns to managing event-based triggering capabilities. Use this research to build out a new creative process dedicated to configuring and managing automated interventions.

    3 Shifts CMOs Must Make to Get Customer Journey Orchestration Right 

    Journey orchestration is a top priority for chief marketing officers, but many have made costly mistakes setting up orchestration capabilities. CMOs can use this research to identify key shifts they must make for orchestration to be successful.

    Create Customer Learning Paths to Unlock More Purchases 

    CMOs must rethink their current approach to customer journey orchestration or risk limited customer impact. Use this research to provide guidance and learning opportunities that help customers accomplish something that matters to them.

    CMOs Must Craft Experience-Driven Mobile Sites and Apps 

    Mobile serves as the connective tissue in complex customer journeys. Yet, many marketing teams still fail to create positive, differentiating mobile site and app experiences for customers. To orchestrate their customer journey, CMOs must prioritize efforts in mobile site and brand-owned apps to create mobile moments that matter.

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