3Q 2022

The Chief Marketing Officer

Navigate the risks and opportunities of economic uncertainty and turbulence.

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Prepare for uncertainty in the wake of the current economic headwinds and budget constraints.

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    The Chief Marketing Officer, 3Q22

    The current economic scenario is uncertain. Following the thread of this economic turbulence, companies and CMOs are being confronted with an increasingly uncertain future while facing what Gartner has begun to call a triple squeeze: persistent high inflation, scarce and expensive talent, and global supply challenges.

    The third edition of The Chief Marketing Officer Journal:

    • Highlights the changing consumer sentiment.
    • Discusses how CMOs are looking to make changes to help them guide critical decisions and customer communication.
    • Reveals research-backed steps you should take now to prepare for the upcoming economic uncertainty likely to impact go-forward planning.

    Consumers Share What They Really Think About Inflation

    Over 40% of consumers now believe that companies are raising prices more than necessary to increase profits, up from 30% in late 2021. What’s worse, some consumers believe that companies are being insultingly insensitive, openly celebrating record profits while consumers struggle to foot the bill. Use this research to understand the stark shift in consumer sentiment towards companies, a rapidly developing risk, to help you guide critical decisions and customer communication.

    How Economic Headwinds Impact Marketing Budgets and Strategy

    CMOs must prepare for the tough decisions required to address the economic headwinds that lie ahead. Use this research to understand what these are and determine the steps needed to adapt strategic marketing plans and protect the resources that deliver results today and growth tomorrow.

    Use Gartner Enterprise Change Readiness Profiles to Boost Demand Generation

    In the wake of the current uncertainty, Gartner discovered four distinct B2B enterprise customer profiles with varying buying behaviors and approaches to the change surrounding a purchase decision. Discover them in this research above to help shortcut your discovery process and hone your multichannel campaigns for target customers and accounts. To get more information about using enterprise change readiness profiles to boost demand generation, check out Gartner's latest research on how to build great B2B buyer personas.

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