Technology and Emerging Trends

Learn how trends and new technologies impact marketing vision, plans and budget

Show real returns on your marketing technology investments

How brands engage with people and their devices is transforming the customer journey and how marketers think about martech investments. Now more than ever, leaders are responsible for technology evaluation and selection. Martech is now a core capability for marketing teams, and skills are in high demand. However, effective martech acquisition and use remains elusive for close to one in five marketing leaders.

Align technology spending with brand strategy

Marketing budgets previously dedicated to technology are shifting toward services as companies rationalize investments and look to external partners to help their use of martech. Successful brands align martech investments to business goals, and balance their use of internal talent and external services to remain competitive.

How we address your top challenges

Use Gartner research on marketing technology and emerging trends to more effectively manage martech at global scale, achieve alignment between tech and customer experience, optimize the use of external services partners for maximum impact, and plan for martech decentralization and democratization.

Our research will help you answer top questions:

  • Which key technologies and best practices will power modern marketing?
  • How do I identify, evaluate and select technologies?
  • How do key technologies fit together to support a high-performing marketing operation?
  • What market trends present opportunities and disruptions for marketing?

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