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November 23, 2020

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo India: Day 1 Highlights

We are bringing you news and highlights from Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, taking place this week virtually in India. Below is a collection of the key announcements and insights coming out of the conference.

On Day 1 from the conference, we are highlighting the opening keynote, the Gartner top predictions for 2021 and beyond, and the top trends to unlock the potential of APIs. Be sure to check this page throughout the day for updates.

Key Announcements

Gartner Opening Keynote: Seize the Moment to Compose a Resilient Future

Presented by Daryl Plummer, Distinguished VP, Chief of Research and Gartner Fellow, Tina Nunno, Distinguished VP Analyst and Gartner Fellow, Don Scheibenreif, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner and Partha Iyengar, Distinguished VP Analyst and Gartner Fellow

An adaptive, resilient business — the composable business — promises bold outcomes. In the Opening Keynote, Tina Nunno, Daryl Plummer, Don Scheibenreif and Partha Iyengar, Distinguished VPs Analysts at Gartner, explained how CIOs can achieve digital acceleration, greater resiliency and the ability to innovate through disruption.

Key Takeaways

  • “Throughout history, great leaders have faced turmoil and turned it into inspiration. They have used the energy of disruption to drive real change and help people,” said Mr. Scheibenreif.
  • “CIOs can contribute to the evolution of a more powerful and adaptable form of business, architected to deal with continuing business disruptions — composable business,” said Ms. Nunno.
  • “Composable business is a natural acceleration of the digital business that you live every day. It allows us to finally deliver the resilience and agility that these interesting times demand,” said Mr. Plummer.
  • "Organizations that are willing to adopt composable thinking mindset in crisis opportunity can develop a competitive leapfrog in their existing industry, and also as an entry in other industries,” added Mr. Iyengar
  • Three building blocks to a composable business: 1) Composable Thinking - never lose your creativity. Anything is composable. 2) Composable Business Architecture - build the enterprise to be flexible and resilient. It’s about structure and purpose. 3) Composable Technologies – the tools for today and tomorrow.
  • These three building blocks are just the start. “Modularity, orchestration, discovery and autonomy are the principles that will guide our actions,” said Mr. Plummer.
  • “Composable business will deliver the resilience you need. Built ready to support inspiration no matter what turmoil comes your way,” said Mr. Scheibenreif. 

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Signature Series: Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for 2021 and Beyond: Resetting Everything

Presented by Daryl Plummer, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner

Predicting the impact of technology is much easier than predicting the impact of global change. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, most will realize that global change is only one crisis away. In his session, Daryl Plummer, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, discussed the Gartner top strategic predictions for 2021 and beyond, projecting a future based on a present filled with uncertainty. 

Key Takeaways

  • By 2025, 40% of physical experience-based businesses will improve financial results and outperform competitors by extending into paid virtual experiences. “Immersive experiences are getting better, more realistic and more fun, and the pandemic has caused us to consider how we can do things remotely without risking our physical selves.”
  • By 2025, customers will be the first humans to touch more than 20% of the products and produce in the world. “Automated factories and farms will actually do most of the heavy lifting, from planting to picking to packing to shipping.”
  • By 2024, 25% of traditional large enterprise CIOs will be held accountable for digital business operational results, effectively becoming “COO by proxy.” “The generation of above-the-line value has to be done through a deep understanding and a fusion of technology and business goals, and the CIO is in a great position to do that.”
  • By 2024, 30% of major organizations will use a new voice of society metric to act on societal issues and assess the impacts to their business performance. “Being tone deaf to societal issues can hurt, and a brand can go away overnight.”
  • By 2023, large organizations will increase employee retention by more than 20% through repurposing office space as onsite childcare and education facilities. “Worker demand for childcare is still unmet, and it needs to be met. It is a perk to work for an organization that does this.”

Learn about five additional top predictions in the Gartner press release.

CIOs Must Know These Top Trends to Unlock the Potential of APIs

Presented by Akash Jain, Associate Principal Analyst, Gartner

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are a foundation of modern application architecture paradigms such as microservices, events and hybrid/multicloud enabling exchange of functionality and data. In this session, Akash Jain, Associate Principal Analyst at Gartner, discussed three key trends CIOs should focus on to help them design, implement and govern APIs to deliver maximum value to their organizations. 


Key Takeaways

  • “APIs drive digital experience. For example, in the banking industry, financial institutions are offering API services, such as unified payments, that have revolutionized digital payments and made banking hasslefree and quick.”

  • “There are three trends that CIOs need to know to create API strategies that can withstand disruptions and deliver quality customer experience: 1) The composable enterprise. 2) The fusion teams. 3) Cloud native application architecture.” 

  • “In a composable enterprise, applications are based on multiple capabilities from different sources and serve personalized experiences to customers.” 

  • Fusion teams are “multidisciplinary teams that blend technology and other domain expertise to deliver a digital experience. These fusion teams foster business-IT collaboration.” 

  • “Cloud native application architecture refers to the shift of application architecture to cloud native architecture to gain the scalability, accessibility and cost savings of cloud services.”

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