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STAMFORD, Conn. May 25, 2022

Gartner Announces the 2021-2022 Genius Brands in the Gartner Digital IQ Index

A Robust Approach to Content Marketing, Agility Through Scale and Customer Centricity Seen in Attributes of Genius Brands

Gartner, Inc. released the list of Genius Brands within the latest Gartner Digital IQ Index, identifying the best-in-class brands across 15 industries. Only 3% of the 1,337 brands indexed were categorized as “Genius” this year.

“CMOs have gone to extremes over the past two years to keep their organizations focused and continue to deliver value to customers across digital channels — and the heat remains high,” said Chris Beland, VP Analyst in the Gartner Marketing practice. “This year’s Genius Brands provide inspiration for how early and ongoing digital investments can enable growth in an uncertain environment.”

Anatomy of Genius Brands

The Gartner Digital IQ Index* is an annual ranking of brands within a given industry based on digital investments and performance. For each brand, Gartner measures hundreds of data points across four digital dimensions – site, digital marketing channels, social media and path to purchase – in a quest to quantify a brand’s digital aptitude and digital maturity relative to its industry peers.

The best-in-class brands in each industry are categorized as “Genius Brands” (see Table 1). Though each industry has its own set of characteristics that influence operations and competition, Genius Brands share three differentiating attributes:

  • Robust approach to content marketing: Genius Brands prioritize and commit to a disciplined content marketing process, supporting customers in critical moments along their journey.
  • Agility through scale: Genius Brands use their digital marketing investments not only to execute on day-to-day tasks, but also to proactively plan for change and seize opportunities.  
  • Embrace customer centricity: Genius Brands push beyond delivering a brand narrative and equip their customers with the tools to become more confident in their decisions, simplify the customer journey and enable a brand experience that it is meaningful.  

Table 1. The 2021-2022 Gartner Genius Brands



Aerospace & Defense

Bell, Honeywell Aerospace, Leonardo


Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota

Beauty and Personal Care

L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline, Pampers

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Clorox, Miracle-Gro, Tide

Food & Beverage

Ben & Jerry’s, Folgers, Red Bull

Hospitals & Health

Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Industrials & Chemicals

Benjamin Moore, CAT, John Deere


GEICO, Progressive Insurance, State Farm


Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co.

Mono-Brand Retail

Dell, Lenovo, Nike

Multi-Brand Retail

Amazon, The Home Depot, Walmart

Pharma RX

Dupixent, Trelegy, Trulicity

Retail Banking

Capital One, Chase Bank, Discover Bank

Travel & Hospitality

Domino’s, VRBO, Taco Bell

Wealth & Asset Management

Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, TIAA

Source: Gartner (May 2022)

“The Gartner Digital IQ Index is more than just a list,” said Beland. “It’s a tool that helps marketing leaders contextualize brand health and investments, imagine new opportunities and inform their strategic roadmap amidst disruption.”

*For Editors: Gartner Digital IQ Index and Genius Brand Methodology

Gartner indexed 1,337 brands for the 2021-2022 Digital IQ studies across 15 U.S. sectors. An organization does not have to be a Gartner client to have their brand be considered in the study. Brands are included based on the volume of their digital marketing activities. The data that informs each Digital IQ is observational and is obtained through manual data collection, proprietary tools and third-party data providers. Brands are scored and placed into one of five classes: Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged and Feeble. Only 45 of brands earn the Genius rank — just 3% of analyzed brands.

Learn more in the upcoming complimentary webinar, “The Gartner 2021-2022 Genius Brands: Achievement in Digital Marketing Excellence.”

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