Product Messaging and Differentiation

Get insights to tell clear, compelling and customer-centric stories

Create clarity in a world of limitless information

Enterprise customers are inundated with information about products and services from a variety of sources. The overload creates confusion and uncertainty that delay decisions and limit who buyers consider for projects. Gartner helps you break through with relevant stories that make differentiation clear, drive customer action and increase your chances of winning.

Test your message for differentiation and value 

Product marketers should test their messaging to ensure that it highlights the differentiation of their products and services and is expressed through business outcomes rather than features or capabilities.

Product Messaging and Differentiation Primer for 2019

Technology providers must capture and retain the attention of prospective buyers but in today’s noisy market, the window to communicate value is small.  Technology product marketers struggle to create messaging that resonates and clearly conveys what makes their products and services the best option. 

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