Building a Cost of Quality Model

A leading packaging company was handed a heavy cost reduction directive by leadership, but was unsure of where to prioritize its efforts. Gartner helped the client identify global and site-specific quality cost drivers to drive the greatest cost improvements.

Mission-critical priority

Optimize costs by reducing cost of quality.

How Gartner helped

After learning that the client previously did not have a cost of quality model, Gartner used the cost of quality framework and industry best practices to identify the appropriate scope of the model. Through expert support, Gartner helped the client develop a phase 1 model and a model communication approach.

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Supply Chain: 

  • Built a phase 1 cost of quality model (focused on failures) and developed a plan for a phase 2 model (to include prevention and appraisal)
  • Increased its ability to identify quality cost drivers, both globally and at the site level


$5 Billion


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